WorthMonkey.com enables buyers and sellers to determine the real world value of almost any used electronic, vehicle and more!

About Worth Monkey

The Idea

Have you ever tried to sell something and didn't know its value? We all have, and with the sale probably going one of two ways: WorthMonkey is a desktop and mobile product Worth Engine (TM) designed to help educate buyers and sellers in the worldwide marketplace. You over-estimated the product's worth, setting a high price and getting no responses to your post; or you under-estimated the worth, setting a low price and losing money on what could have been a great transaction. And how about as a buyer? That purchase you made seemed like such a great deal, but when you finally asked someone who knew how much it was actually worth, they tell you that you've been ripped off. No one likes to feel this way, so that's where WorthMonkey comes in. We inform buyers and sellers about the actual market price of used goods, helping them feel great about their purchases and sales!

How It Started

Having done a lot of buying and selling ourselves, it quickly became routine for us to ask our more knowledgeable friends how much they though a product was worth, because let's face it, we can't be experts in every product category. So we'd ask for their opinion and most likely set that single price in our minds as the absolute worth. Then we thought to ourselves, what if we had access to hundreds of opinions of what a product was worth, instead of just one? Hence, WorthMonkey was born. Putting together some curiosity along with a lot of math, we developed WorthMonkey as a free source for any buyer or seller to look up a fair price for a product's worth. In addition, being independent and not affiliated with any big brand, company, or e-commerce website, we don't weight prices or have any ulterior motives other than providing a great and useful service. We hope you enjoy using WorthMonkey and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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